Lawn Care

Our lawn care program consists of a six step granular program designed to provide your lawn the best results possible.

Early Spring Application - Greens up your lawn and helps prevent annual summer weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, spurge and other weeds.

Late Spring Application - Keeps your lawn growing healthy and green. This application is another important step in controlling annual summer weeds such as crabgrass. We will also spot treat any weeds such as dandelions or any other broadleaf weeds.

Summer Application - Slow release fertilizer designed to slowly feed your lawn during the summer. We will also spot treat any broadleaf weeds and nutsedge present.

Grub Control - We use an environmentally friendly product to control grubs all season long.

Early Fall Application - The most important fertilizer application of the year. This step rebuilds your turf from the stress of summer, and provides a slow green up by using a high quality product containing slow release fertilizer. Broadleaf weed control used if needed.

Late Fall Application - The second most important fertilizer for your cool season lawn. This step builds the lawn’s food reserve for spring and early summer. This application also ensures exceptional spring color and root development.